Pennic Consulting helps an Active Directory client save over $100,000, avoid risk, and keep their Forest restructuring project on schedule.

A large corporate client in the midst of an Active Directory forest restructuring project involving more than 6500 clients, and 500 servers, was faced with a daunting challenge.  

In order to implement their multi-forest design and maintain a well-formed forest naming structure, it seemed they needed to do a large object migration involving 5000 users, 6500 workstations, and over 200 servers.   The risks were high.  The testing required to mitigate the risk was stretching project schedules and increasing costs.

Pennic Consulting joined the team and recommended an alternative approach that avoided the migration entirely and could be implemented over a single weekend.  The alternative met all their business goals, produced the well-formed multi-forest naming structure they needed, and even offered them additional options for multi-tiered security control.

The client saved over $100,000 in testing costs and the project was brought back on schedule.  A win for both the client and Pennic Consulting.