Active Directory Design Reviews

Implementation of Microsoft Active Directory is a big step for any enterprise.  A correct design is critical to achieving the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) benefits Active Directory offers an well as achieving proper function, short-term performance, and long-term viability.  A correct design must fit your business model as well as be technically sound.  Many companies that implemented Active Directory in 2000 are now revisiting those designs and restructuring.  Restructuring costs can equal and often exceed the original cost of implementation.

To avoid the pitfall of restructuring, Pennic Consulting can review your design prior to implementation.  Like getting a "second opinion" from a doctor, we can bring our experience and know-how to the table to help you achieve the optimum result.

Reviews can be a short as a few days, or as long as two weeks depending on the complexity.  Whether you did the design internally or it was done by a Microsoft Gold Partner, Pennic Consulting has the knowledge to ensure its fit for you.

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